Before you start trying on suits, you need to measure yourself. We'll start off with the chest, and this means you want to take a tape measure and measure the thickest part of your chest. Like most clothes, suits are measured in inches, so, if you measure 40 inches around your chest, you'll want to look at suit jackets that are a size 40 or 42.

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Your first two dress shirts should be white and light blue. These colors work with just about anything you decide to put on. Use these tenets as a foundation to build upon. Perhaps after these, you’ll want to opt for a darker navy blue – still versatile, and so on.

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Always opt for natural fibers like cashmere or wool, or alpaca as this material is more durable. Overcoat made with 100% wool is the best option because it’s heavy, not too expensive, water-resistant, and it keeps you warm.

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Benjamin Franklin said: “If you teach a poor young man to shave himself, and keep his razor in order, you may contribute more to the happiness of his life... Read More

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