Hair Removal for Men: Shaving

Hair Removal for Men: Shaving

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Benjamin Franklin said: “If you teach a poor young man to shave himself, and keep his razor in order, you may contribute more to the happiness of his life than in giving him a thousand guineas.”

Hair removal is more common than you would think. Almost everyone in the world has engaged in some sort of practice of removing hair, whether that is shaving, waxing, tweezing or simply trimming. People tend to remove face from hair or body primarily for social and sexual reasons. In Hinduism, sons shave their head when their father passes away. On the other hand, Sikh religion prohibits removal of hair of any form.

Present day style and ethics favor clean-cut, groomed look; and excess body and facial hair is considered unattractive. Products for hair removal are available at every nook and corner, providing people an easy solution to a hairy problem.

It is however difficult to figure out what products are good for you, your skin type, hair color etc. It is best to do your research online. Almost all men are involved in hair removal at least once a week, but this frequency can raise some occasional issues. Rashes, ingrown hair and razor burns are a common cause of irritation post shaving or waxing. Again, online sources are available for treatment of these common ailments.

Shaving, most common method of removing hair needs proper shaving cream, good razor with sharp (preferably new) blades, aftershave lotions and exfoliators. Present day shavers also allow dry shaving, as against the traditional wet shave that most teenagers are taught about.

It is important to remember, shaving is an art form, usually transferred from fathers onto their sons. So remember to share this with your children!