Should Men Shave Their Armpits?

Should Men Shave Their Armpits?

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Our under arm hairs, at least for men, have always been a normal part of our appearance. Of course seeing a woman with hairy armpits is not pleasing at all, but now a days many men have also decided to get a more cleaner appearance by shaving their armpit hair.

Lots of men, such as swimmers, shave there armpits for more speed in the water, but now men who frequent the beach or just want to have a better appearance, are shaving off the under arm hairs as well. Many women like this change. I asked a bunch of my female co-workers what they thought of men who shaved their armpits, I was surprised to hear that they actually thought it made a guy look hotter when he was hairless, not only in the armpits but having a clean chest and back as well. They said this new look took men’s appearance to the next level, and they also thought that men who shaved was attractive as well because it shows that he takes risks and doesn’t care if other men think it’s weird.

Well, with my newest test product arrival, the Phillips Norelco Body Groom, I decide to take the risk and shave my armpits. Not only to see if it gave my arms a better aspect but also to see if it helped decrease body odor. I have to admit, it was a bit scary putting up the shaver near my arm, but no blood was shed and it was a great help that the Phillips Body Groom is cordless and waterproof.

I was afraid that shaving my armpits would cause itching afterwards, like when you shave your pubic hairs, but luckily this didn’t occur. When I looked at my shaved armpits in the mirror, it was kind of weird but I could grasp the “clean look”, now the question was, aside from getting a better image, why should I shave my armpits? I mean, at the least it should give me less B.O.

So it’s been about a week, and from what I’ve realized, my body odor isn’t as deadly as it was before. I use deodorant regularly as always, but now it seems to last longer and I’m glad that there hasn’t been any itching or razor burn.

So I guess shaving your armpits isn’t such a bad idea for men, just make sure you use the right tools, such as the Body Groom, and only do it if you show off your body torso a lot or want to lower your body odor.