The Top 10 Reasons Men Shave

The Top 10 Reasons Men Shave

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In warm weather, men often choose to get rid of the beards they wore in the winter, and bare their faces so they can be cooler. This is only one of the reasons men shave. Another, and possibly a more notable one, is sex. Recent research indicates that clean-shaven men are far more likely to have sex than men with facial hair.

Here are the top 10 reasons men gave for why they spend time and money to go through the ritual of shaving each day:

#10 My face hair would join up with the hair on my neck and chest – and the Grizzly Adams look can be a little scary.

#9 I can swim faster when my face is fuzz-free.

#8 Whatever hair I grow on my face is thin and scraggly and looks terrible.

#7 I don’t like getting food stuck in my whiskers.

#6 Pimples heal faster when my face is smooth.

#5 There are more job opportunities for men with a hairless face.

#4 I look younger without a beard.

#3 A furry face itches like crazy.

#2 What grows on my face is a different color from what grows on my head.

…and the number one reason:

#1 My partner prefers me with smooth skin.

Sporting a beard, going with the latest scruffy look, or removing every last hair from your face (or head) is your fashion statement. The choice is yours. All you need is a razor (which will delight companies like Schick, Norelco and Gillette) and patience to achieve the look you want.